Covid-19 Outbreak

As we now start to feel the effects of the impact this virus is placing on us, we've started working hard on planning for what the foreseeable future might look like. As of today restrictions on who can trade in the market has really limited our customer base to take aways and butcher shops. Obviously we're not alone in this pandemic, many many businesses now face the same struggles moving into an uncertain future. 

Moving forward we've adjusted as best we can with our suppliers to control stock flow and opened our retail doors to try and serve as many community members as we can. It's our priority to ensure we continue to serve our loyal customers as best we can through this time. What happens next will be interesting to see. Will we be placed into a full shutdown by the Government or will food businesses like ours continue to trade through? We'll be here as long as we're allowed to be at this point.

Above all else its important we do the right thing around public health. We don't want any ill to come towards our staff, customers and the community in general. Take care and be safe! 

Tim Riley

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