How to cook a perfect Schnitzel, every time!

How to cook a perfect Schnitzel, every time!

Have you ever tried cooking a schnitzel but it ends up undercooked, burned or dry?

Try these simple tricks to get a juicy, crunchy and golden schnitzel every time.

- Make sure to use enough oil to cover at least half of the schnitzel, too little and you won't get an even colour, too much and you will deep-fry it.

- Heat up the oil, but not on maximum setting, about 70%. Try with some crumbs from the Schnitzel to see when the oil is hot enough. They should start frying straight away when you put them in the pan. Do not put your schnitzel in beforehand as this will make the crumbs soak up the cold oil.

- Cook each side for 3-4 minutes, check not to burn it. If the oil is too hot it will burn the outside crumbs before the inside is cooked.

- Turn over once and repeat. It's the steam created underneath the crumbs that will cook the chicken, not the oil. The oil just browns the outside.

Once finish, rest it on a wire rack with kitchen paper underneath to drip off excess oil.

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