Large Produce Box

$99.00 $135.00

Image is indicative of contents and can vary depending on availability. Typically the box contains the below items:

1kg Green Apples

2 x Broccoli

1kg Sweet Potato

2 x Continental Cucumber

1kg Tomato

1 Eschallot Bunch 

1 x Green Cabbage

4 x Avocado

3 x Red Chilli

1kg x Brown Onion

4 x Red Onion

3 x Lemon

1kg x Orange

1kg Carrot

1kg Brushed Potato

1 Parsnip

1 x Parsley Bunch

1 x Bok Choy

1 x Green Oak Lettuce

1 x Iceburg Lettuce

1kg Banana

1kg Grapes

1 x Stockman Eggs

2 x Farmhouse Gold Full Cream Milk (Blue Lid)

1 x Ginger Stem